You are a single father and you want to help your child to develop all of his inner abilities.

You listen many ways to do it through the media.

You do not know how to behave and what to do and why to do to help your child.

All the evidence points to the play as the most effective practice through which a child can develop.

But you have noticed that sometimes that your child’s play is chaotic. Toys are all over the place.

You can not see something to be developed.

Now it is the time to go in and try to covert this chaos to organized learning and development.

Try to create a story together. Follow the script that your child is developing You can participate in this play without giving solutions.

Ask to create a new play from the things that he has on the floor. This way you help your child to organize the space and the time and all the other dexterities, like language, maths. If you want to learn about the www method about helping one child or more children to organize their play

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