Every niche needs to be spread in the world

Every morning set a goal and spread it to the world

“You do not have the permission to hide your charisma”

Anastasia Makratzi

You may choose any kind of niche in content creation in order to give your own products,

or you can decide to sell other people’s products, other people’s creations.

In both cases, your niche is your charisma. Is the ability that you have to serve other people. To make them to have, to help them accomplish their needs and more important their desires.

This way you are making people happy.

This way you are making people feel and be in a state of high vibration. This is good for them. This is good for you. This is good for everybody and the universe.

Because you transform the emotions of the need, the ellipsis, the fear, the anger into satisfaction, therapy of the ellipsis, therapy of the fear. That is because you are in your niche. That is because you work with your charisma.

This way also serves the needs of your children as a single father. Your children can enjoy your presence and your happiness and abundance.

You are not permitted to keep for you your abilities. You have to make them Known to the public.

This means that you have to be known, that your voice has to be spread and listened around the web or any other space.


This is not easy. Being on the first page of the Google search engine in order to have the audience is not the easiest thing in the world.

We all have a gift. This gift we have to give to the others.

You do not have the permission to hide your charisma.

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