The Bet Series: Εν Λευκώ En Lefko 5 Ebook Language: English




The Bet :/Human-centered approach

Series: Εν Λευκώ En Lefko 5 Ebook

Language: English

Author: Anastasia Makratzi

ebook ISBN:978-618-80531-6-8

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The bet is the fifth book or chapter of the series "In Lefko" "Εν Λευκώ". All the books of the series have been written in a new way of writing "τη γραφή στο λευκό"-"writing in white" in connection with the self who has been released from all the barriers that the three -dimensional world creates. Someone could say that it is writing in connection with the source of universal knowledge.

Furthermore, it is a piece of introduction for the "Human-centered approach" something which is also being done slowly in all previously published books. The writing is following the flow. There has been nothing corrected, only some misspellings. This book or chapter is about the bet we put in our lives.

What is the bet? How can we win it?

Do you bet?

Fiction novel or reality? Myth or science?

This is a book for the parent, the teacher, the therapist, the entrepreneur, the Human.

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