Play is helpful even when you are an adult. As an adult also, I found a way to play through writing and with sand. Suddenly, when I was in my higher level of development things went difficult in my life,  I thought that I had to stop playing because play is not serious . When I stopped playing  I lost all of my power and took me a lot of hard time to understand that play was giving me  all of my internal power.  And this was  the reason that I use it as one of my tools in school, as well as in counseling in order to make it possible the internal hidden power to become external useful powers.

But you have to learn how to use play.

Many times I have seen parents and preschool teachers to use it with the wrong way.

For me speaking and teaching about play and with play in school as well as a mental health counselor is not a business but is a mission!

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Dr. Anastasia Makratzi

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