How to help your child to focus

The ability to focus is really important if want our child to become responsible.

But how can we make our child focus on one task every time?

Children’s attention is sort. The younger the child the shorter the attention is.

We can help our child to increase the ability to focus when we create games/plays that involve the senses like smell, hearing, touching, vision, feeling the parts of the body.

This is helping our child to focus on the moment and in his/her body and leave external or other distractions outside of the working area.

You can also do it for yourself. If you want to increase the ability to focus just start focusing on your senses.

Flowers, fruits, everything around you can become a play. Start to focus and help your child to become more focused

Having the ability to focus for more time will give him/her the ability to be more responsible and active to finish jobs.

Would you like to learn more about how to make your child to focus more?

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