How can you make passive income?

Passive income is a dream. Is making money while you are dreaming. Passive income is money in your pocket from the work you do once and then it generates money without effort. But how can you be able to have passive income?

There are many ways to do it.

What do you like to do? What do you like to do in your free time?

So, first of all, you have to answer this question because you will have to invest time to create the sources to bring in your wallet passive income while you are sleeping.

Then you have to create a mind map or a list of all the steps that you will have to take to create the content or the medium through which you are going to bring the income.

There are two basic roads which you can follow only one or both of them.

  • You create a type of content or information product
  • You sell or work as an affiliate for other people product

Types of content


online course creation


print on demand

PLR products

You promote other people’s products.

Passive income does not mean that you do not work at all and all the money comes from the sky. In order to have a passive income, you have to work and create your base, your own content or the base through which you will sell other people’s content and moreover, the relationship to be given the access to promote other people’s products.

If you ask what I like the best the answer is that I love all of them because they give me the opportunity to learn more new things and think in a new way.

If you ask me which is the most profitable? For the moment it is course creation.

What is your favorite type of passive income write in the comments

What type do you like more? Leave your answer below in the comments area I would like to learn

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