Many people ask me, How can I take what I want? Most of the time they can’t handle it. They may ask, or they may not ask. But the result is the same.

There is a significant value when you are able to take what you want to take.

But if you want to succeed you must know the magic value of giving.

Give if you want to take

Ask for it if you’re going to take

Ask for it if you’re going to learn.

There may be many reasons for this WHY. WHY I Cannot take what I Want.

So, learn to give if you want to take

Learn to ask if you want to take

Write down what you want

Make it as straightforward as possible.

This is the basic to start taking what you want to take.

But there is the  “why” that everybody is asking. Why Cannot take what I’m asking for?

The value of awareness of this why is big for the transformation road.

I have already created a new section in the course  “How to increase focusing” and it is already published.


Now you need the skill of focusing,  because we are living  in a super distractive world. And Focusing to get what you want is most important then everything else.


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