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One of the most import aspects of being successful in your niche is goal setting. There are many types of goal setting methods. One very common one is the SMART method.

The other one is the START (Makratzi, 2018) method.

START method stands for

  • Specific,
  • Time,
  • Applied,
  • Reality,
  • Task.

It is really important to set goals which you can name, can touch in time, can apply NOW Today or in a time that you can put a memo in your calendar. It is applied in reality and is a task, not just an idea

The language that you use is also very important when it comes to goal setting. As you can understand it is the name that you give that creates the characteristics and the profile of the goal you want to succeed.

Every morning set a goal and finish it before the sunset

Anastasia Makratzi En Lefko

The benefits of goal setting are many. Especially, if you are a single father or parent it can help you organize your day and space.

So, don’t forget to create goals to START your day.

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