You are a single parent, single mother or father you need to have a lot of power in order to be the best parent. The task is not easy. Many times you think that your power is not enough. You don’t have any more strength to give your children all these that they need.

You have no time even though your are multitasking.

What do you think that is one of the reasons that create that ellipsis of time and energy. You have no energy you have no time actually they are the very same think. No power or strength for your self. No power or strength for your children, no power or strength to do all the the tasks you have.

One reason is that you are multitasking. You have lost your ability to focus like a child when he/she is playing. This lost is of a high cost.

Being able to focus is a valuable dexterity that is giving us the ability to be with the whole self in our lives.

  • Create a to do list
  • Give others to do the all the task that are not important.
  • Meditate
  • Draw a mandala

Get a free mandala coloring book to help you focus and release emotional tense. FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN

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