Single fathers many times are struggling with money because they do not know how to make extra money or to find a niche. See here methods, sites, and tools to create extra money or a new niche.
Working from home single father

Many single parents and single fathers are struggling because they do not know how to earn extra money or they do not know how to find their niche.

in this article, we are going to see basic ways with which you can earn some more extra money online or you can find a new niche.

Extra money or a niche that gives you extra free time is a need and a desire for many single parents mothers as well as and fathers.

That is because they are the only ones that are making money for the bills of the household. This can be very stressful and frustrating, living them without energy and time to spend with their children.

All this is because they do not know how to earn more extra money working from home or to be entirely in a new niche. This adds up to their stress.

Working from home nowadays can be very easy and give many opportunities not only to earn money but to have the freedom for your self and the most important for your children

There are many ways to earn money from home. Here we are going to focus on two basic ones

  • Information product creation
  • Explainer, ad, video product creation

Information product creation may be a great niche selection with many micro-niches to develop and extend.

Explainer video product creation is another promising area to work from home on and select as a niche, or to promote your own niche products.

There is software that can help you to automatize and take a lot of money if you use them in sites like fivver, and upwork.

is a cloud-based software which can make easily perfect looking e-books in some minutes. It can also gather for you the content from your pages or your customer’s web pages and create info products in minutes.

Also, Scribble is another web-based ebook and information content creation. In some minutes you can transform the notes of your journal, or any other idea you have hidden and forgotten in your desk to an amazing product to sell everywhere. There is an August offer now

If you want a tool to create your explainer and ad animation videos there are also many tools which can make you money if you sell the products or if you promote your own products. You can use Animation Studio.

If you want some secrets to finding your own niche where you will feel happy with people to understand you and enhance all the inner abilities that you own try our FREE e-book with secrets on how to find your niche

So, let’s start, take a step and I will be with you. Because I have been on the road of the internet since 1994. And I have passed from many areas, I am Dr. of Education, Child, and Adult Mental Health and Career Counsellor, R.E.Therapist, Author and many other combined in ONE with all the knowledge of internet and software, here to help you and share all this knowledge and experience that I have

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