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Helpful practice activities. This is something that all students ask for everything especially if they are counselors or teachers. This course is showing what is useful or helpful activities for play. Also in this course, you will find what creativity is. Is there a connection with Helpful practice play activities, creativity, productivity, inner reward system? You are always trying to create new activities. You give a  lot of money to buy new activities. To buy new Helpful practice activities and you are always hungry. You always want more and more helpful practice activities. But when I ask under which theory these helpful activities are created you do not know. You just consume, you do not produce. Because you never have listened that you have to be the creator of your food, the food which will be biological and correct. We are in a new era that nothing is stable, we have to recreate and transform. I teach my students of all ages from 4 years old to 55 years old to learn to create useful practice activities. This course will help you understand what helpful practice activities are.


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