Christmas offer 99% the first rule to succeed online

Christmas is the season that we want to offer. We want to give our love. We want to share our love. We want to be the best fo ourselves self.

It is a need of the human being to give because this way we open our channels to receive. We give because we want to receive. This is the rule with which live. We exchange energy.

Anastasia Makratzi

If we want to grow our niche or our online job we have to give. We always have to give our best selves. We give value to our readers our viewers, to our customers and they then give back.

We must not expect only money as a return. People give back their positive energy and thoughts and love and fulfilment that they experience when they are on our web page, on our youtube channel, on our shop or school.

Anastasia Makratzi

So this is the first rule if you want to grow your brand. Actually this is what I was doing when I first started 30 years back. Once I gave my phone ( not mobiles yet) to a high school child to make a call to his father. I didn’t even think about not to give. Do you know what happened? The father brought a whole area as customers in my shop. These people were buying from another shop in the area. Why he did so? Because his son had asked from the owner of the other shop to make the phone call and he had said no.

Here is a 99% off offer

But only until December 31st, 2019.

99% off
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