Body and the power to be connected with the life

You want to have better relationships, you want to feel better to be more power full. But according to many research evidence the body is the connection with the space around us and inside us. Because of the ability of the body to receive and understand the signals of the envir╬┐nment as well as the internal signals we can communicate with the others. It is the way with which we will be in connection with our self needs.

We were taught that we get knowledge through books and schools. But a body who is not able to feel the signals of the space and the inside, a body which is not open and receptive is not able to learn.

A body that is not able to move with easy is not involving in new experiences and new relationship opportunities.

Moving our body is giving us well being and emotionally distressed life,

In coordination with other body methods like dancing, walking, moving, gym, reiki, sessions which is a really soft energy method, can bring you in connection with your body and the inner self as well.

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