Being an author is an action that is costing nothing and may give you the opportunity to be in your biggest dreams, to help your self and the others. Being an author can be a transformational power for the whole world.

Writing books for children can be an even more powerful tool for the change you are dreaming of. Children need stories to develop their self and the perception fo the space and the time. Children use books to develop, to grow, to be a whole person. Children need books and nice written stories.

But how can you everco╬╝e all your fears and maybe the fact that you do not know how to be a published author, or maybe an author?

Being an author is not a talent it is a dexterity. All the dexterities can be learned. Being an author is the ability to act in a certain way in order to have a result. To be able to take action and follow specific steps until the end of the road where you have the result. Writing a story and especially a children’s storybook is a procedure and knowledge of the needs that young children have. The procedure is to know the basics steps that a story has got.

There is an online course on how to create stories from children’s drawings and narrations. This course is also offering details about the narration, the benefits and how to create a drama play from every day children’s narrations and drawings.

Get Child’s stories and narrations for therapy and growth with a limited time offer

There is also a book about the secret niche of children’s books. In this book, you can find in detail all the steps to writing a book for children. It is separated in chapters and it leads you from the start to the end. From how to choose the subject, what to write and how much according to the age. You can find all the details that you need for the drawings, the cover and how to advertise. It is a full ebook, a step by step procedure, all you need to be an active children’s book author.

Take action now to change your life and the world learn how and write a children’s book

Take action now to change your life and the world learn how and write a children’s book

Be an author for children’s books now. Make the first step now

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