Writing a life story is going to give you the opportunity to go deep in your core-self, in your needs and desires of your self.

This is going to give you the ability to be reconnected with your inner child and your abilities as well as with your charisma. As we have seen your charisma is the power that will elevate you to the rank on the first google page.

All the types of new software will help you to do all the mechanical work easier and will educate and teach you to develop skills and dexterities which then will help you to be reconnected and promote your charisma to the universe.

If you are not connected with your own abilities and needs you are losing money.

Writing your life story is the perfect way to be reconnected with your charisma. If you are not connected with your own abilities and needs you are losing money.

If you are not in awareness about your life story you cannot create a new story

If you want to change your life you must know what you want to change. You cannot know what you want to change if you do not start to speak or write about it. Writing your life story can be an effective and really no money needed way to in an awareness. But you must know how to write your life story. How to go deep and what kind of questions to ask your self

Learning how to write a life story, memoirs and autobiographies can help you to write the life story of other people

When you learn the technique to write a life story, autobiography or memoirs, it will be another tool with which you will be able to earn income. You will be able to write the autobiography of other people that do not know or they have no time to do it. You will be an expert on life story writing.

Discover How To Create Your Own
Autobiography Or Memoirs Book.
A Travel Inside Yourself, To Publish
The Most Important Book Of Your Life

and find all the untold secrets for creating a life story-book

YOUR LIFE STORIES e-book is giving the way to create your life storybook and go deep in this story with questions to start. Techniques to go deeper and many other helpful tips to go in and finish an amazing e-book. Moreover, is teaching how to publish and promote.

Inside “Your Life Stories”, you will learn:

  • What are autobiographies and memoirs.
  • How to find the perfect audience for your autobiography.
  • The 4 types of autobiographies and memoirs you can create.
  •  12 different models of autobiographies you can create.
  •  How to create a timeline and a story plot from zero.
  •  The power words you can use in your text to make it more dynamic.
  •  How to beat writer’s block.
  • ​ 37 questions to ask yourself to create your autobiography.
  • ​ The secret to sell countless books.
  • ​ How to create a perfect autobiography/memoirs cover.
  • ​ How to edit and proofread your book.
  • ​ How to format your book.
  • ​ How to publish your book on Kindle, and as a paper book.
  • ​ 7 methods to bring free traffic to your autobiography.
  •  And much, much more!


Discover the best and fastest way to gather details about your family genealogy, where to search for it and how to organize your details.


Find what is the most powerful tool to rank you on the first google’s page

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