Don’t forget to play with your inner child dreams


In this post I’m going to share with you the power of the play. I help people who are feeling that they have no power and they are not able to go on to fulfil their dreams, and even though they are trying hard they cannot go on and they are on the hamster circle not being able to hep their self, kids, family and the other around them to improve their lives.

Not having power to go on and ask for your dreams, needs and desires is a big problem that is taking the control and leaves you weak and helpless, without money, joy, happiness from your job and life, with the felling that you don’t deserve,

Play can help you to find you power again, and help your children to find their power.

But how can you start play again and be met with your inner power?

As we grow we think that play is not any more appropriate for us. That is a childish behavior. That is why we stop everything was a play for us, and that can be really anything. All those behaviors that was making to be happy, to relax, to do it without the purpose of living. But actually these activities are the living for us.

Me to when I was feeling that the situation was difficult I was stopping play. Play for me are many activities, like “writing in white”, doing reiki, playing music and many others. The result was that I was feeling drained. I did it many times when one morning I realized that when things are difficult I forget to play. And this always was turning off all of my power. Now I Know. When something is difficult outside I play, I do all those things that are play for me.

Start play when things are difficult. The joy, relaxation will help you to keep your power with you and go out sooner.

This way you will feel self confidence, and that you are capable to win and the master of the situation.

You will be nurturing your self with the love and respect and safety that he needs, Because you will not be working in red which is destroying.

Play, play is for all ages, and be reconnected with your inner child power.

 Find more peace and happiness in your life even when things get tough.

Here is a course for the reconnection with the inner child.

And here is a course on how to use play for therapy and growth.









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