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Be the best parent, teacher, counselor

Being the best of yourself when you are facilitating other people or even your own self is a skill that you can learn. Enjoy the quality of the life that you and your children deserve. Educate yourself every moment. For this reason I have put all these that I Know and have helped me to improve my life in yout pocket. Take them now

What’s your life purpose?


How to Create Educational  tele-teaching material for kids


Learn how to create helpful play activities


Parent and teacher relationship with a child made easy


Rejection: Prevention, Therapy and Personal Development


Child’s stories or narrations organized for therapy & growth


How to be reconnected with your inner child from an expert


How to cook with kids to make them happy and healthy


Convert kid’s play into learning and therapy


How to make your child responsible


Help a kid to increase the inner ability for responsibility and make easier the house chores  and learning


How to create a Self-Personal Brand, complete simple steps


Ranking on first Google page personal development and method


Βοήθησε ένα παιδί 4-6 ετών να γίνει υπεύθυνο



Αποτελεσματική επικοινωνία με παιδιά



Επικοινωνία στο εργασιακό περιβάλλον

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