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Get all my other 14 courses for free when you enroll in 1. Convert kid’s play into learning and therapy (This course will teach you how to facilitate children through their play to develop emotionally, have self-confidence, present themselves, and put limits.) It will be easier for you to communicate and put limits. I also use this method with adults in my workshops for personal development.

(March 23, 2023, 1:23 AM PDT)

Follow these 3 steps to get all my other 14 courses for free:

1. Click this link and enroll in, Convert kid’s play into learning and therapy


2. Go to the last lecture, called Bonus Lecture

3. Click on the links to enroll in all the other courses for free

Please note: To get all the other courses for free you must enroll using the free coupon links no later than March 23, 2023, 1:23 AM PDT.

 Click this link and enroll in, Convert kid’s play into learning and therapy and get your Bonus all the courses listed below for free


1. How to increase focus

2. How can I find what’s my life purpose?

3. Επικοινωνία στο εργασιακό περιβάλλον

4. How to create material for online education

5. Learn how to create helpful play activities

6. How to create a Self Personal Brand, complete simple steps

7. Ranking on first Google page personal development and method

8. Parent and child relationship made easy

9. Αποτελεσματική επικοινωνία με παιδιά

10. Rejection: Prevention, Therapy and Personal Development

11. Child’s stories or narrations organized for therapy & growth

12. How to be reconnected with your inner child from an expert

13. How to organize cooking with kids

14. How to make your child to be responsible

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